Professional Process Serving

When you need to have people found or served with legal documents, who do you turn to? The benefits of turning to a local process serving company instead of a nationwide company really are many. Our agency has over 30 years of background experience in legal document delivery for law firms, court reporters, businesses and government agencies on a local and international level. RCI International Process Service LLC‘s trained and skilled process servers handle several hundreds of cases per month throughout the Towson, MD and all the neighboring areas.

The professional process service we provide is handled by people who possess the skills required in the variety of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal papers and document retrieval. Their main task is to deliver and serve legal documents to a defendant or any person involved in the court case. When legal documents are served, then this person has to deliver the actual evidence of the legal paper served. This is the verification legal paper served and is referred as the affidavit of service or the proof of the service provided. This affidavit must be notarized and offered to an individual who requires the legal paper to be served.

The role of a process server is quite simple and straightforward. This process server distributes the court summons to those who are intended to have the legal proceedings. Although it looks simple, it’s not. It requires the skills and intelligence to deliver the correct legal papers as per the rules and law of the country or state.

Here are but a few of the reasons to give us a call:

– Lower Costs:
By hiring local, you can save your business hundreds of dollars on regular service of process.
– Faster Service:

With local process servers, your papers don’t need to be sent to the main office or corporate headquarters then forwarded off to someone else. The quicker you can get the papers in the local process servers‘ hands, the quicker the papers will go out for service. This means that your affidavit of service will also take the most direct path back to you after the papers are served.

To learn more about the benefits of using our process serving services in Towson, MD, simply give us a call at (410) 693-8992! RCI International Process Service LLC is here and happy to be of help!