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What to Expect from a Private Detective

Although this profession has been glamorized on television, a career in private investigation can be extremely stressful and dangerous. A private detective, also known as a private detective, is someone who provides surveillance, research and interviewing services to the general public, attorneys and businesses. Specialties in this field can include legal, corporate, financial and criminal defense investigation.

The main duties of a private investigator are verifying facts and gathering information. Most that choose this career will have a law enforcement background, insurance, military or government investigation training. There is no formal education needed to do this job, although many states do require investigators to have a license. Some states have initiated training requirements, which requires a specific education, a background check, and a written exam. The education part has courses in political science, criminal law, and justice.

A private investigator can sometimes face confrontation, so they have to be assertive and think quick on their feet. Often, their duties call for interrogation and interviewing, which is why good communication skills will be required. Some investigators do background and pre-employment checks, whilst others investigate cyber crimes, piracy, e-mail harassment, hacking and identity theft.

A private investigator will do a great deal of their work at irregular hours, which can be early morning, weekends, nights, and holidays. But, the likes of computer searches and telephone calls can be done during office hours. Investigators do most of their work alone.

Some will be licensed to carry firearms. Most investigators are retired law enforcement officers, and even though certification is still not required, the National Association of Legal Investigators awards certification to people that have the experience, education and training requirements, in addition to passing a written and oral exam. This certification is for licensed investigators that specialize in negligence or criminal investigations.

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