How to Locate Where a Bank Account Has Been Created Legally

Legal Bank Account Location Tips

This article will present helpful information about legal ways to locate where a bank account has been created. The bank branch might be required for investigatory reasons if one has intrusive or criminal behavior. Here are some effective bank account location tips:

  • Buy something from the defendant; You or someone else can purchase something from the defendant. If he/she runs a business or store, by buying something from them and paying by check, you can easily achieve your final goal. If they provide a service, you can simply hire them to do something for you or involve a third party in the whole endeavor if you have the slightest suspicions for violation.
  • Ask for a copy of a loan document from the Secretary of State; The bank loan he or she asked for previously might be his or her personal bank. It is normal for the debtor to obtain financing from the bank he or she usually works with. That makes sense.
  • More information about their debt; You will have a few other options when it comes to obtaining more information about his/her debt. You can get a loan application from the Secured party, ask for a copy of the debtor’s check. In the first case scenario, you will have to get a copy of the loan application that the secured party has an interest in the debtor’s property. This document should contain information about his or her bank details. Another option for you is to obtain a copy of their check. The debtor is obliged to pay for their loan on a monthly basis. So, when you have a copy of that payment document, you can easily trace their bank account details.
  • Debtor’s examination; In this procedure, you can demand that the debtor tells you himself in which bank branch he has a bank account. However, the risk in this situation is that he withdraws all of his money before you get the chance to get to them.

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