The Basics of Asset Administration

What Is Asset Management?

Are you a business owner who wants to increase their profit and make your business go only up and forward? Are you searching for ways to invest your assets in something more successful and profitable? Then, you will need the services of an experienced asset management (AM) company like RCI International Process Service LLC. But first, let’s reveal some of the secrets of this complicated science:

  • AM professionals will give you advice on how to invest your cash and securities according to your declared financial objectives. They have the necessary training and knowledge to tell you how to make the best investment and diversification in mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension plans. Of course, these companies make their income by charging a fee for their for their services or a commission from their customers.
  • At some point in your business development, you will need their services because these experts have more sources of information than an individual investor has. These financial institutions can also help you with asset location services, process serving, checking credit and debit cards, margin loans, and more. If you purchase securities on your own, you will have to meet the minimum investment requirements that are not always in your interest. When you hire an asset management company, the staff working there will pool your assets together and pay proportional returns avoiding those requirements.
  • What do you have to know about the fees they charge? Some AM experts charge set fees whereas others have them based on a percentage of the total asset under management. For instance, if they take care of an investment of $ 5 million and they charge 2% of that amount of money, they have the right to own $ 100,000 of that investment.

If you turn to our professional AM company, our specialists will assess the condition of your business and your asset options. We will tell you whether investing money in buying securities is profitable for you or not. We are located in Towson, MD and if you wish to learn more about us, you can call us at (410) 693-8992.

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